Vignir G Jónsson

Vignir G Jonsson is a family run company, founded 1970 in England, was aquired by HB Grandi in 2013. Over the years the company has earned a reputation for high quality production of roe products.

The company specializes in all kinds of products made out of fish-roe. Main products are made out of cod roe, lumpfish roe, saithe roe, capelin roe, haddock roe, flying fish roe and salmon roe.

Today Vignir G. Jonsson employs 45 people and has an annual production of 1500 tonnes, which is sold to 15 different countries in Europe and North America. High quality standards, constant product development, advanced technology and closeness to the best raw material available have made the quality of the products unparallel to any other.


Contact Sales Managers

Eiríkur Vignisson

Eiríkur Vignisson

Vignir General Manager

Tel: 431 5000 - Mobile: 899 1712
Jón Ingi Ingimarsson

Jón Ingi Ingimarsson

Sales Manager - Roe & Pelagic fish

Tel: 550 1011 - Mobile: 858 1011